Bearing Kingdom has a commitment to being responsible corporate citizens, and has operated in such a way for over 39 years.
    As a leading industrial distributor, we strive to transfer impact and raise social, ethical, and environmental standards wherever we do business. We value our relationships with our Suppliers, Customers, Employees, and Community. The brands we represent and the service we provide every day to our customers reflect our commitment to do things the right way and to do them well.
    We are committed to delivering superior service and value to all of our supply chain partners, including customers and suppliers. This means creating and sustaining a relationship of trust and transparency, and a platform for mutual benefit and growth. We value a culture of strong ethics, continuous service improvement, collaboration and responsiveness in our relationships.
    Our success as a business and to society depends on Bearing Kingdom's best asset: our people. With an average tenure of 7 years, the knowledge base of our employees provides exceptional service to our customers. 
    Our talent pool is broad and diverse, and we believe in developing our people so they can reach their potential in providing superior customer service. Related programs and resources support our employees in attaining this achievement.

    Our advantage:
    International Delivery Details
    Bearing Kingdom can satisfy the needs of any model for you;
    No matter what is your need, we can provide you with a solution. 
    Whether you use our products or provide them to customers;
    The inventory of 9 billion USD in the global warehouse; door-to-door delivery is the purpose of our service;
    We can deliver the goods to your hand in a short delivery period of 2 weeks, 1 week by air, and 5 days by express (excluding weekends).
    our high-quality products will never let you down.